Support WAP with a Financial Contribution or Pledge

Financial contributions to WAP support our students who compete on behalf of FSU at national and international model U.N. and crisis simulation conferences.  Alumni, parents, and friends are invited to make a donation or pledge.  Graduating WAP students are also encouraged to make a pledge.  Pledges can be paid over up to five years.  All donations are tax deductible and are managed by the FSU Foundation as part of the WAP endowment fund, which distributes interest earned on the endowment each year to support WAP’s annual operations.

Click here to fill-out a WAP pledge form online. This fill-able form can be used to make a new pledge.  Pledges can be paid over up to 5 years.  Alternatively, you can download the WAP pledge form PDF here and return it to us by email or regular mail.
Click here to make a donation or pledge online via the FSU Foundation’s website. This online form will take you to the FSU Foundation's website and allow you to make a new pledge, a payment on an existing pledge, or a one-time donation.  

If you make a new pledge via the FSU Foundation's website, please let Robert Johnson or Josh Curry know so we can also keep a record of your pledge.


If you have questions or want more information about making a financial contribution to WAP, please contact Robert Johnson or Josh Curry.