Connect with Us

WAP uses the social media groups and web resources below below to keep in touch with its student and alumni members and to share information.  Current and past WAP members are highly encouraged to join and participate in these groups.



WAP's Facebook group is a primary source of information for students.  Alumni are also encouraged to join.

Linked In

WAP's Linked In group is a great way for alumni and students to communicate.  Many WAP alumni hold prominent positions in their respective fields, and all students (before or after graduation) are encouraged to join the Linked In group and get to know the WAP alumni.

Alumni Email List

WAP uses its alumni email list to communicate with former students and alumni members. We promise not to send you too many emails, so please subscribe. You can view prior editions of our newsletters here


WAP publishes a newsletter with information about its activities. An archive of past editions of the newsletter can be accessed here.


The WAP Wiki contains current and historical information about WAP and other resources designed to help students become better delegates (e.g., archive of WAP's newsletter, a brief history of WAP, editable delegate guides and debate tactic guides that you can read and improve).  You are encouraged to join the Wiki and improve it with your own contributions!  To edit the Wiki, you will need to apply for an account here.  Accounts will be approved quickly for past and current WAP student and alumni members.


WAP also tweets!  Follow us on Twitter to keep up with current happenings.